Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Potion Verdict: 3"in 7 Weeks?

Well I started my potion challenge on April 30, and my 7 weeks would have been this past weekend. Overall I have to say that I did achieve decent results though not the 3"in 7 weeks I'm still happy.

Starting shot:

During challenge:


I achieved about an inch and a half which while not super rapid growth it was about double what my normal growth is so I'm happy.


*I can make it at home once this supply runs out.
* Increased growth(though this will vary from person to person)
*Increased thickness
* Stopped breakage, but this is not necessarily only due to the potion but also my Aphogee regimen.
*Made my new growth much easier to manage, which is great for my 4a/b hair, my ng has been wavy instead of my normal tight kinky :)

*New cost of Potion, which is why I am happy she posted the recipe.
*Smell, kinda like burnt cornbread which took getting used to.
*Heaviness, had to make sure I didn't apply to much in this summer heat because when my head sweats it runs into my eyes and burns like the dickens.

Final Verdict:

I like the Potion results and will keep it and GHE'ing in my regimen for now, especially if I can average an inch a month I'm definitely happy. A different version of this is adding sulfur which I'll be trying next, so stay tuned for my review of sulfur oil which I'll be starting next week.

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