Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Do I Want to Detox?

I know a lot of people are against detoxes, stating they aren't needed if one follows a healthy diet,and that they are merely fads. While I do see some valid points in these statements I also know everyone is different.Some people like myself like to try things if only to do something different.

For me a detox isn't a long term or even short term fix to my weight problem. It is for me simply a battle between my mind and body. I see it as a way to finally win a match of wills with my body, and hopefully begin this process of taming my mental hunger. It's an opportunity to truly get in touch with what true hunger(in a good way) feels like versus the I'm hungry because I smell food, I see food, or I'm bored hunger. It gives me a chance to look at why I'm eating and finally start to get at what's behind all those reasons for overeating,get my mindset better,and start to makeover those habits.

Detox to me is just what it says detoxification, a cleansing of my mind, body, and spirit, not merely a weight loss fad, rather an aid.
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  1. You know I do individual cleanses and I find it easier on my body and there is no bounce back with weight. I did a 30 day colon and bowel cleanse once and I lost some weight!