Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HCG Journey Starts Today Load Up :)

I start my HCG diet today and I am super ecstatic, I've going back and forth the past few months and I finally bit the bullet and ordered the drops and today I start.

My 40 Day Round Plan

Days 1&2 Start taking 12 drops 3x a day.
Eat as much fatty food as possible.:)

Days 3 through 40
Go on 500-800 cal daily diet.
Take drops 3x a day.
Walk 30 mins/Zumba 30 mins.

Days 41 through 43
Stop drops, but continue diet.

Day 44, start 6 week 1200 cal diet before doing another round.

Load day 1 I'm at 350, my goal for this round is 35 lbs.

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  1. Really nice plan. Can you fallow you.

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  2. It looks like you have a great plan to follow, I look forward to keeping up with your progress, Good Luck!


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