Sunday, May 8, 2011

No BC w/o Weight Loss

I'm at week 25 of my transition to natural hair and debating when I will do my big chop. I already decided that I wanted as much healthy growth as possible before breaking out the scissors, but I realized that one of the main things holding me back is my weight.

I think that all natural hair is beautiful I just know personally at my current size, I don't have the healthiest body and a TWA just won't look good on me. Not necessarily because of the length but more of a confidence issue and the one thing I've learned about natural tresses is you have to go hard or go home. Natural hair is not for the weak or faint hearted and confidence to boldy rock it is a must.

I wanted to BC for my birthday August 27th, and since I'm already seeing promising results with the Potion(see last blog) I think its possible to get at least 2 more inches of new growth. In that time I'm sticking to my diet and exercise plan and aiming at 4 lbs a week, since its about 18 weeks, thats about 72lbs, though I'd be happy for 50.

Happy Growing and Losing Folks!

Also Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!!
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