Sunday, May 8, 2011

Food Amnesia/Food Logging for Success

The last week I focused on making better changes to start my loss again and happily the scale has moved in the right direction for the first time in a long while.
Weigh In: 337.2! Lost 8lbs last week, not a bad way to get myself back on track.

I only made it to the gym once, but did walking at home on other days. My goal this week is at least 3 days of cardio whether thats gym or Zumba, and at least 2 days of strength.

The biggest thing I did was to break out my food journal, a few months back I bought a FitBook.I only used it for a few days but its a 12 week journal that tracks food intake and exercise.It seems that having to write down what I'm having and doing honestly has helped me be accountable. Considering with shipping and handling I paid about $40 for it, I decided it was definitely time for me to stop letting it collect dust:


My current goal is to complete the journal and workout 5 days a week at a minimum, with my diet, I'm sticking to 1200 cals a day focusing on lean protein and veggies.

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  1. Congratulations on 8 lbs loss that's amazing!

    Keep up the amazing work into the new week :)

  2. Wow, eight pounds, way to go!

    You rock :) can't wait to see more progress. Yay for a new week, Mondays for weightloss are wonderful :)

    Love, Grace
    The Wannabe Former Fatgirl

  3. Hi, new follower;)
    congrats on the 8lb loss, incredible!!
    keep it up. I look forward to following your journey with u