Friday, May 6, 2011

The Next 6 Months of Transitioning

My first 6 months of my transition to natural hair were all focused on the health of my hair, now that I've acheived that it time to focus on amping up my growth.

New regimen:

Once every two weeks:
Aphogee Shampoo and Balancing Moisturizer
Argan Oil DC
Air Dry

CoWash Days(Every other to every 3 days)

Apply Coconut Oil before work or in the morning and baggy.
Cowash with Argan Oil DC and PPO.
Apply Transition to Natural New Growth Creme.
Use Grapeseed and Argan Oil to seal.

Apply Potion and massage.
Apply CO/PPO to scalp.
Saran wrap and tie for night.

Protective wig every day.

Pretty simple but my growth aides are on steroids :)
Next length check will be in August.
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  1. You've been do diligent with your hair! That's great you are taking time to focus on yourself :)

    Have a lovely weekend!