Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy with Hair Health

My hair has gone through a lot since I began my hair journey September of last year, now 9 months into I think I'm finally happy with my hairs health and ready to bring on the growth!

Beginning my journey, had lots of breakage, split ends, massive shedding, rarely conditioned and only washed every few weeks. Used products with mostly mineral oil and basically let my hair do whatever, which resulted in pretty much a mess on my head.

So starting fresh I trimmed my hair to get rid of the unhealthy ends and started to care for hair. Granted it did take me until January to actually find a regimen that worked and to be consistent, and I had to do another trim at the end of February:

But the health of my hair had improved so I didn't mind as much, and now 3 months later I'm so happy that my hair is looking and feeling so much healthier:

With 3 months left to my HHJ Anniversary I'm planning to grow 2 more inches or more with use of the Potion which I love so far and reach FSL!

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