Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Braid Install

New braid install for October, I've decided to keep going for the rest of this year stretch to continue getting my hair braided every 4-6 weeks.

I've finally gotten the full Gro Aut line to use between installs, but for my hair while in braids sticking to my dry shampoo. I wasn't sure about this braid hair, seemed a little dull at first, but after I applied my braid spray and sealed with Grapeseed oil, very lightly I'm loving the style. 21 weeks post, so I know I'll be stretching at least until my one year goal in May 2012.

Had one frustration today while getting my hair braided, my sister seems to refuse to comb from the ends up instead raking a fine tooth comb from roots to end, and with almost 6 months of new growth let's just say we had some words lol. It seems hard to get some people to learn to treat your hair as you do, especially when they're not on hair journeys.

Current Regime:

Apply Gro Aut oil once a day.
Apply NuGro Scalp spray to keep my hair moisturized.
Tie nightly.
Take vitamins everyday and drink at least 96 oz. of water daily.
Keep exercising at least 30 mins a day.

Every 2-3 days clean scalp with Organic Root Stimulator dry shampoo.

HHJ Listas!

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  1. I wear my hair natural and would love to get it braided like I used to, but I also had problems with how people did my braids. It can be frustrating! Anyway, I know I need to be better about oiling my hair/scalp. Maybe I'll look into products you've mentioned on here!