Tuesday, October 4, 2011

*21 Weeks Post/!7 Day Diet Update*

Hello lovely blog family!!

Today is October the 4th and since I finally have an off day I'm trying to get my blog up to date.

Weigh-In the morning:

Scale shot:


Total loss: 30.4

Booyah baby, soon I will be able to kiss the 3's goodbye forever and forever amen :)

A little concerned though,I know my body and when I stick to a healthy eating plan and exercise my body will drop pounds like a going out of business sale at Macy's everything must go. While I enjoy the quick losses in the beginning, and I know I'm eating healthy and have been killing it with my workouts I don't want to end up regaining. I'm not going to stop though I'm feeling way too goo about myself to let it go.

I finished cycle 1 of the 17 day diet and restarted it last week, the second cycle is actually a lot like the 1st just every other day adding carbs back in.

My exercise has been crazy looks like when I actually try I found a lot that I liked to do, smh, hate that I waited so long but glad that I have.

Now on to my hair :)

Its growing well, still have to do another trim to my ends but that will keep a few months more then ends aren't split just thin, and with the thick new growth yep they gotta go.

My regimen has gotten really simple

Wash every 2-3 days:

Creme of nature shampoo
Gro Aut Herbal Shampoo
Gro Aut Herbal Conditioner
Jojoba Conditioner as a leave in.

M&S with a light oil and NuGro spray.

Apply GroAut oil once a day.
Massage scalp 2-5 minutes a day.

Take my vitamins:

3000 mg MSM
3000 mg Fish Oil

And so far I have been averaging about 128 oz of water thanks to my diet :)

I feel as if I should be able to hit both my goals for the new year and with right at 3 months to go, 299 and SL are mine.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

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