Friday, August 19, 2011

3" In 6 Months with Braids Challenge

Two weeks down with 22 left in my braid challenge, did my first dry shampoo today with Organics Dry Shampoo and I'm in love with it.My braids have been in two weeks and holding up well so far. I've been applying a braid spray daily and GroAut/WildGrowth/Peppermint Oil mix nightly. I decided to maintain my tree braids for the six to eight weeks that I needed to find a way to keep my scalp clean for general hair health. This "dry" shampoo is more of a light gel which makes it very easy to use and it doesn't drip which is great! This is a must for those using any type of braids as a protective style.

Cost:$5.99 at local BSS

Very light
Great smell
Easy to apply and gives a great tingling feeling.
Actually cleansed my scalp.
Essential oils lavender and basil.
Light enough to use on a twice weekly basis.
Works well enough to use twice a week.

The only con is the cost :) but its well worth it.

Happy Growing Listas!
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