Monday, January 9, 2012

Ready to Begin Again...

Ok last week with the passing of my niece and just other family drama I think I have shed enough tears to last me this whole year. Beginning today with my new workout and plan which is basically counting calories and working out. I love the Look Better Naked book and journal, so I'll be using them the pretty pink colors make me feel feminine lol while reaching my goals.

Week 1, Day 1


  1. Stay strong and keep going with your plan!

  2. Sorry to hear about the "Drama" Good luck on your Journey! I've started over as well! lol I keep starting over! Let's hold each other accountable! #TeamFit

    E. Louise

  3. I am sos orry to hear that you are going thru so much. I am glad to hear that you are focusing on your health. Looking forward to hearing your goals for the challenge next week.