Friday, January 13, 2012

Natural Hair Haul

Hello lovely people :)

Had the chance to hit the BSS for some goodies for my hair as I'm learning about it, and just a side note I was right my fiance did freak lol but its growing on him and personally I'm loving it :) Though its been a trial and error process to find some products to keep my hair moisturized and figuring out my curl pattern, I think i'm somewhere between an 3c-4a/b, it doesn't really matter much to me though lol, its kinky, curly, healthy and all mine, so the type doesn't matter much to me. Anywho moisture has been a slight problem but I've finally found some products that I think I will be using as staples.

What: Curls Curladda
For: Midweek Deep Conditioning
Cost: 11.99 @Target
Firstly this product smells amazing and that seems to be my preference when looking for products I hate products that smell medicinal or overly herby, this is actually very moisturizing and leaves a light scent to my hair, also my curls were defined a bit without any additional product so this air dries well.

What: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner
For: Daily Cowashing and maintaining moisture
Cost: 2.83 @Target
Verdict: This will probably be my go to for daily cowashing, my scalp gets cleaned and my hair feels moisturized definitely a win win and the Hawaiian Orchid scent is quite nice.

What: Kinky Curly Knot Today
For: Leave In Conditioner or daily moisturizer
Cost: 11.99 @Target
Verdict: I actually bought this product last, I try not to go for the overhyped products as usually they are a waste of money and do little to nothing for my hair, but after trying quite a few things that didn't work for my hair and tired of wasting money this was definitely worth the try and I am so glad I did :) This product is light on my hair, gives my curls definition can be used daily and smells great, kinda wished I had started with this one would have saved me a lot of time and money.
What: Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque
For: Repairing and strengthening hair
Cost: 11. 99 at Target
Verdict: I deep conditioned with this for about an hour with a shower cap and I love the consistency of this, but not fully in love with this product, my hair felt a little eh, not the best deep treatment I've used so I'm going to use this since I've bought it, but this probably won't be a repurchase. 

What: Twisted Sista Curl Activator
For: Defining curls and removing frizz
Cost: $4.99 @Target
Verdict: Love it!!! I tried Ecostyler and Carefree Curls Instant Activator as well as Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 and they either made my hair hard, dry, and just didn't work, this is moisturizing and instantly defined my curls and has a really fresh scent and 8 hours later my hair is still soft, so my only complaint with this is I wish it came in a bigger bottle.

What I have learned while shopping, Target has a really nice selection of products for natural hair, but at WalMart and most beauty supply stores you have to really check and read the labels to find products that fit into your regimen, I really wanted to try some of the Miss Jessies products but $32 for a small tub of curling product just seemed ridiculous but I think I will be getting the sampler pack in the near future just to try out her products. Well thats all for now have a great one everyone!


  1. That herbal essences shampoo is exactly what I use!! It smells so fantastic it seriously makes me feel like I'm on a tropical vacation every time I use it!

  2. OMG! I have been loving the Herbal Essences and the Shea Moisture for my hair. I am currently transitioning right now and those products keep my hair so moisturize.

  3. I have been natural for almost 8 years now and it there is ONE product i swear by for natural hair it's Soft Sheen Carson's Wave Noveau Finishing Moisturizer!!! Go and try it now! You won't regret it trust me!

    Good luck on the natural hair journey and you'll love and hate it but most times love it!!!